The Platform for End-to-End Digital Transformation

Corporate and Government organizations alike are leaning in on digital transformation and modernization efforts as they combat external pressures such as supply chain disruption and inflationary pressure as well as internal challenges such as digital sprawl, operational challenges and managing business risk. Today’s stakeholders, be it, customers, or internal users, expect a modern, memorable, and frictionless experience. Successful modernization efforts not only delight users but improve visibility, provide more actionable data, and reduce costs.

Dark Horse Technologies helps organizations reduce cost and drive growth leveraging the Now Platform to create simplified experiences, purposeful automation, and organizational agility across their organizations. Dark Horse assists customers with identifying and mitigating risks, providing, and managing governance constructs as well as supporting the roadmap the platform in terms of functionality, user experience, internal talent management, and training. Dark Horse helps customers accelerate time to value, enabling cost savings and increased efficiencies.




We work to provide major impact by completing an initial wellness assessment, identifying, and prioritizing significant impediments, and recommending 90-day high-impact action items to improve the overall management of the Now platform and its results. Part of the initial 90-day roadmap included streamlining duplicate and outdated workflows as well as developing and implementing a clear governance process and rules of engagement for the efforts.

Assessments and Roadmaps

Our team starts with a “to-be” vision and what results the organization is looking to achieve. We determine current state of the organization and provide recommendations on how the Now platform can facilitate improved organizational performance. Our strategic roadmap and action plans focus across people, process and technology tenants with an eye for navigating change management challenges.

Change Management

We utilize an integrated change management approach that incorporates addressing user experience expectations, talent gaps and the importance of training, planning alignment and solid governance processes to meet each customer’s needs and expectations.

Staff Augmentation

We can provide Now certified specialists to support digital transformation goals on a project basis for both short- and long-term efforts in a cost-effective way.