Dark Horse was founded on the principals of technical excellence, stakeholder engagement and doing business with transparency and integrity.

Our corporate culture is driven by the following principles:

Insist on High Standards

We hold ourselves individually and as an organization to the highest standard of ethical behavior and performance to deliver desired results for our customers and our employees. Good is not good enough.

Pursue Excellence Relentlessly

The pursuit of excellence does not occur without a passion for success. We believe in being driven, agile and innovative in order to bring the best possible solutions to our customers.

Deliver What You Promised

Whether it pertains to a customer or an employee, do what you say and deliver what you promised. We are focused on always providing value on time and on budget. When things inevitably happen to derail the plan, we are willing to go the distance to make sure the solution is the right one.

Be Transparent

All of our communications and actions put transparency at the foundation. We believe being a trusted partner means that we are open, honest and respectful and all of our actions are driven by this basic tenant. We are willing to have the difficult conversations if that is required to uphold this core value.